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Frequently Asked Questions

Financing FAQ'S




Step 1 : Complete our online form

Step 2: Expect a call from one of our consultant within 24hours of submitting your form

Step 3: We do a credit check (we share your information with our credit providers and part of the NCR regulations)

Step 4: You will be informed of amount you qualify for and what your monthly payment would be.


Payment Plans


The cost of treatments range from:

R 10,000 (for eg Artificial Insemination) to up to R 80,000- R100,000 per IVF cycle.


We offer loan ranges for between R 10, 000 - R 100,000.00 per round

  • We require an upfront deposit amount.

  • We charge an interest rate of 20%-25% annually

  • Payment Terms are for 6 - 18 months

  • No two plans are the same - Your monthly payment plan will be determined by a combination of your individual treatment plan, clinic pricing, and interest rate. Because we customise your payment plan to your specific needs and treatment cost. 

(Your rate will depend on your qualifications and the repayment term you choose).

Checking your rate or prequalifying for a loan will not affect your credit score.


Accessing the money


We will pay your IVF clinic, pharmacy, and approved third parties associated with your payment plan directly. This limits your time at the payment desk and with bills, giving you less thing for you to worry about during your treatment.


I didn't qualify for a loan what are my options?


We always have options for those who don’t qualify individually for financing.

  • Have a family member, employer or loved one take out a loan on your behalf
    Contact us for more information.

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