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Ovajoyed  - fertility funding

Our fertility loans options

Egg freezing  * IVF   * Friends/family

Loans that support you 

Fertility treatments can be very expensive. We're here to take care of the financial stress, so you can focus on what matters most,


Teaming up with us gets you more than just a loan; we're on call to support you through the process.

What we offer

Our personalised loans will get your fertility treatment started while our team will be there to support you the rest of the way. We even offer a "Friends/family" loan option allowing someone else to take out a loan on your behalf.


Our loans range from R10 000 to R100 000 per round with payment terms between 12 - 24 months. The payment plan will fit your specific needs and treatment cost. 

Egg freezing loans

Egg freezing loans

We help you now, so you have options later.

IVF loans


We take the stress out of the finance so you can focus on what is important. 

Friends and family loans


If you cannot take out a loan yourself, we still have options for you. Someone else can take out a loan for you while you still get all the benefits of our support plan and network.

How it works

 3 easy steps

What we offer
How it works
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Complete our simple online form right here.

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Expect a call from one of our consultants within a day or two.

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We do a credit check and get back to you with the amount you qualify for and your monthly payments. 

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